Space HTX
For contemporary splendor, head to Space HTX in East Downtown. The white-on-white design of this urban warehouse can be dressed up or down to become the scope of your special occasion. The warehouse is only a short walk away from a range of local attractions. Situated in the historical and vibrant neighborhood, this chic venue offers an unparalleled view of Houston’s scenic skyline.
White Oaks on the Bayou
Serenity and enchantment welcome you to the grounds of this 32 acre venue. This stunning, waterfront landscape holds everything you need to make any special event extraordinary. White Oaks on the Bayou provides a gorgeous gazebo and earthy stone fire pit where your guests can gather and marvel. No matter what kind of event you have in mind, you can’t go wrong with the scene on the Bayou.
White Oak Music Hall
This venue is widely known for hosting live musical performances at their indoor/outdoor complex. White Oak Music Hall can also accommodate private events. Located just two miles north of downtown Houston, the Hall can present both small, intimate shows on their second floor to wild, full-fledged parties in their large music hall downstairs, complete with a mezzanine and exterior balconies. Got something bigger in mind? The Lawn’s Outdoor Ampitheater is ready for you.
The Vine
Floor to ceiling fireplaces and sliding reclaimed barn doors adorn the Barrel Barn of The Vine. The Union Bell Chapel is has a working bell to ring in the next chapter for newlywed couples. That’s not all - the owners of 23 acre property are working on a harvest of grapes to eventually incorporate wine-making facilities and a tasting room. From start to finish, your experience here will feel like having your wedding at home.
The Gallery
You’d never think you were in Houston looking at The Gallery. The French Mediterranean-inspired quality of this venue effortlessly creates an old-world vibe. From the lush vegetation on the outside to the picturesque wooden details of the inside, every moment of your special even will be filled with richness of a timeless experience. Should you find yourself here, you’ll be immersed into an age where the people were more connected to the earth around them.
The Farmhouse
Striking architecture and handsome features grace this venue. With a wrap around porch and an outdoor courtyard complete with crowd-pleasing games, you can entertain your guests for hours on end as they mingle about. For wedding celebrations, both bride and groom can enjoy private, furnished quarters. The Farmhouse is set on a grassy knoll and has all the qualities of a sentimental scene for your special day.
The Ballroom at Bayou Place
Located in the heart of the Theater District in Downtown Houston, Bayou Place is known for food, fun, and entertainment. On the second floor, parties can enjoy over 15,000 square feet of space of the Ballroom. With floor-to-ceiling windows, sweeping balconies and the ever-so-breathtaking view of Houston’s skyline, the locale is perfect for weddings and business events alike.
Station 3
Once an active fire station, Station 3 has been converted into an exquisite, historically rich venue. The two-story building still has most of its’ original craftsmanship and materials, down to the intricate, hand-carved exterior stone work. The inside still has echoes of the building’s time as a fire station from the early 1900’s. The beautifully repurposed space can accommodate parties of all kinds.
Springs Properties
The Springs have four charming venues at your disposal in and around the Houston area. The hand-picked locales were all constructed with your needs in mind. Each location has two halls to choose from. Because the venues are diverse, they can fit any occasion. No matter which venue you choose, you’ll be met with exceptional services, full amenities, and an impressive view.
Southern Lace Estates
Shrouded by towering trees, this 100 acre estate holds marvelous structures and luxury in abundance. An expansive courtyard and intimate quarters hold the magic you need to make that special day so memorable. The attention to detail at Southern Lace Estates combined with the natural landscape will move you and your guests to feelings of Southern comfort. Set in front of a peaceful, motionless lake, the grounds of this private estate are calling your name.
Silver Street Studios
Silver Street Studios boasts over 30,000 square feet of space. With the combined environments of the Warehouse, Corridors and Back Patio, there are endless possibilities. The Corridors lead to over 70 artists’ studios where some of Houston’s eclectic art scene is on full display. An open air veranda sets the stage for a relaxing atmosphere on the Back Patio. In the Warehouse, high ceilings and over 20,000 square feet can be transformed into just about anything you can imagine.
Olde Dobbin Station
Texas’s old country charm is present in every corner of the Olde Dobbin Station. The early-20th century buildings have been restored to their original look, complete with a vintage touch, to create a timeless experience for its clients. Originally designated as an oil pumping station, the Station became a place of fellowship for the local community due to the artesian water well. Take a step back into a timeless era in this historical marker.
Noah’s claim to fame is being the first national event venue of its kind. The contemporary design and almost fully customizable options make for a blank canvas to design the event you’ve always wanted to have. The venue’s open vendor policy, included event essentials, and national expertise are all tools at your disposal. Their mission, quite simply, is to support you.
Museum of Fine Arts
The grand halls of the Museum of Fine Arts are home to countless works of art and exhibitions. The campus also offers a variety of unique spaces for private events. When you select the Museum as your venue, you’re supporting the museum’s various outreach programs and exhibitions. Held in the heart of Houston’s Museum’s District, this prized institution is foolproof choice for your next grand affair.
Moffitt Oaks
When the owner has over 30 years of experience of wedding and party planning, you can be sure that all the t’s will be crossed and the i’s dotted. With an in-house team of planners, a natural and pleasing environment, and a collection of sites over the property’s 47 acres, you can have the party of your dreams at Moffitt Oaks. The facility boasts splendor in all corners of the land, complete with shimmering lakes and undisturbed natural beauty.
Majestic Metro
The Majestic Metro brings to mind visions of eras long since past. Built at the height of the Roaring Twenties, the restored theater stays true to the trademark style of the decade. The design of the venue can host a small, intimate gathering or a sizable crowd. Whether it’s a colorful wedding or a lively social affair, holding your event here ensures a night to remember with no shortage of class.
Magnolia Bells
For simple charm and cozy ambience, look no further than Magnolia Bells. The rustic dignity of this property is evident in the reclaimed barn and astonishing architecture of the chapel. The uniquely designed structures are delicately set in a serene wooded area that will win over the hearts of all of your guests.
Madera Estates
Nobility and Spanish elegance abound as you enter the gates of Madera Estates. Firmly rooted in traditional architectural styles, the grounds of the venue are woven with Mediterranean influence. An ornate fireplace serves as a the centerpiece to an open courtyard, perfect for a picturesque ceremony or laid-back party. Located just outside Houston, this enchanting venue is set right against a lush wooden backdrop.
La Tranquila Ranch
“Tranquila” is Spanish for “tranquil” or “serene”, and La Tranquila Ranch definitely lives up to the name. With indoor and outdoor venues, they can accommodate any size guest list. In the past, they’ve hosted almost any kind of occasion you can imagine - from extravagant coming-of-age parties to intimate celebrations of love. No matter what type of event you have in mind, the staff will work with you to create an experience that surpasses even your wildest dreams.
Julia Ideson Library
Against a backdrop of modern skyscrapers and sharp architecture, the historic Julia Ideson Building is a reminder of times past. The building opened in the early 1900’s and served as the city’s main library for decades. It continues to serve as a part of the Public Library System, housing an archive of Houston and Texas history. Rich history is etched into the design, with the lavish Spanish Renaissance style visibly present in the construction of the whole building.
Houston Museum of Natural Science
Wonders await in the Museum of Natural Science outside of visiting hours. With endless opportunities to create unforgettable experiences, there’s no limit to what you can do. Whether it’s a reception in the shadow of the towering dinosaurs, a dinner amidst splendid gems and jewels, a corporate event held in a top notch architectural space — they can do it all. From sophisticated to out-of-this-world, the beloved museum’s venues offer exceptional settings beyond compare.
Hobby Center
One of the hallmarks of Houston’s cultural scene lies in the Hobby Center. The jewel-box theater has an air of elegance accented by deep rose tones and walnut wood. Whether you’re orchestrating a large performance or an intimate gathering, the Halls of the Hobby Center have everything you need to dazzle your guests.
Centennial Gardens
A treasure hidden in the middle of Houston, the McGovern Centennial Gardens has rental venues for any occasion and a collection of gardens for your strolling pleasure. The effortless enchantment of the gardens create an intimate experience for you and your guests. For a bird’s eye view of it all, walk the spiral path to the 30 foot garden mount and have your breath taken away.
Carriage House
A classic fence-lined driveway leads to The Carriage House, a graceful gamble barn adorned with crystal chandeliers. Behind the barn, a delightful water fountain and pond provide a perfect setting for photos and leisure at once. Touches of vintage and attention to detail make this venue a strong contender for the fairytale wedding you’re dreaming of.
Big Sky Barn
This sprawling 17 acre property is home to elegant wooden barns set on a breath-taking backdrops of pines and hardwoods. The secluded property has everything you need for an easy and memorable occasion. The Barn Gardens in between the Barns is a relaxing recreational area with seating and games to entertain your guests. Tucked behind Big Sky Barn, stone paths lead down into a dense forest with a gazebo and rock bridge for the whole party to gather. As night falls, you’ll find yourself basking in the soft glow of the forest’s trees illuminated with thousands of lights.
Beckendorff Farms
Drawing on its’ history and your dreams, Beckendorff Farms has everything you need to captivate your guests. The property is run by a local family with a generational ties to the farm. The craftsmanship of the barn goes beyond the wooden beams. The historic structure is the only known barn in the United States with a roofing system of its’ kind, rooted in a time of handcrafted architecture and a simpler life.
32 acres of pure bliss await you at Balmorehea. Built alongside the San Solomon Springs, the venue captures the rapture the Carswell family experienced when they first stumbled upon the soothing, crystal-clear stream of water flowing beside the road they were traveling. The Springs were a sacred ground to Native Americans and a godsend for weary travelers wandering through Big Bend Country for hundreds of years. Now, they provide life giving waters for the local wildlife and set the scene for an unforgettable experience.
1940 Air Terminal Museum
Housed in the Houston Municipal Airport at present-day William P. Hobby Airport, the 1940 Air Terminal Museum showcases Houston's rich heritage of civil aviation. The art-deco brings to life exhibits of previous airlines, general and business aviation history. The museum also offers a front row view to the airport’s various day-to-day operations.
15 Acres
When you have a grand vision in mind for your ideal social gathering, it’s hard to find a venue that allows for the creative freedom to make the event exactly what you want and how you want it. At 15 Acres you have the full support of a mother-daughter team that have a combined 25 years of experience planning weddings and other social parties. Born out of a “venue void” for weddings in northwest Houston, 15 Acres allows a bride-to-be to create her own personal experience.